Zombies killed Kenneth! — Remembering Deadly Silence

Reflecting on my special relationship with Resident Evil and what that particular universe means to me..

ramblings of a Fandom Warrior

So I was looking for scary games to watch because, well, I’m an idiot – or at least I was last night when I was home alone and thought it was a good idea to watch Markiplier play some new scary games so there weren’t any jumpscare times (not that I really use them any more but I should). But anyway, this morning I was perusing some Game Grumps compilations (including creepy Doki Doki shit though I was marginally careful about skipping through the video – creepy I can handle, the other shit I can’t so well, as always, and unfortunately sometimes they come hand in hand) and I came across and watched a scary one, which including the new Resident Evil stuff, which I had already watched. So then (yes, I know, great story, but just bear with) I went on their channel because I fancied watching something randomly…

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