I’ve watched TATINOF today and cried, been to my drama society’s absolutely incredible production of Allo Allo tonight and been so proud of everyone there (I really need to write a thing about that because, just, Danny. I’ve just missed her so much <3), and NOW I've watched Bria & Chrissie's brilliant PlayList vlogs.
It is an honour to be alive to see these things. And my previous message stands more than ever too.
Anyway. Better take my meds now, and hope to get some sleep tonight. Goodnight.

ramblings of a Fandom Warrior

Also, Bria & Chrissie WERE at Playlist Live! They met a service dog, and had an incredible encounter with an individual who had grown up with two mothers and always been told it was wrong, it wasn’t okay. But watching these two made her realise her own sexuality as well as practically changing her life. Beautiful. They met many other people too, and it’s just what I’m always going on about – while it’s physically impossible to remember everyone one can meet at an event like this and all the rest of the time, that moment where the person meets these incredible people that are so inspiring and amazing to them… that is the best moment in that person’s life.
Anyway, Bria and Chrissie and their also brilliant friend Jacqueline had an epic time at PlayList, with parties and fans and obviously lots of sexy girls. Damn. And yes, they had a…

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